About MTi

MAHZABIN TEX INTERNATIONAL is one of the Garment manufacturer and buying stocks agent of complete vertical integrated setup to Men’s, Ladies, and Kids in Woven, Circular knit, Sweaters and Towels. We have a strong sourcing capacity to supply all kind of apparels. We provide our service to export quality garments to many reputed Customers /importers. We have developed long term trade relationship with most of our Customers & have earned trust in their respective markets.


Actually a buying house always plays a vital role in the RMG sector. It is the combination of all marketing activities, which is not only related to searching foreign garment buyers, order collecting, media for the manufacturers but also placing orders to the suitable garments manufacturing factories and providing all types of technical and communicational support to the buyers and manufacturers

Risk minimization and responsible :

Buying house responsibly manages the environmental, social and governance performance. BH works with their customers, suppliers and industry partners to further the sustainability of supply chains and communities across the network. Well established BH has assessed the progress against sustainability goals, set inspirational targets against best practice benchmarks and take action to meet those targets. Due to the close observation, BH can give instant information to the buyer where buyers can take preventive measure as soon as possible